Repair Options

The smart way to extend machine life

Rebuilding and reconditioning major components when they reach the end of their expected life makes good business sense.
If you wait until the components fail a rebuild will be much more expensive, your business is thrown off balance, and the cost of unplanned downtime will seriously affect your bottom line.

Repair Options
  • Before-Failure repairs save your money!
  • Timely maintenance helps prevent major failures, maximize parts reusability, and helps you schedule downtime and plan maintenance costs. All these combine to lengthen equipment life.
  • Before-Failure repairs often cost less than half of after-failure repairs, lowering owning and operating cost of your equipment.
  • Special pricing and guaranteed repairs.
  • Repair Options are tailored to fit your specific needs. The price of any program is guaranteed in writing before work begins. Prices include all parts and labor.
  • Another important benefit of Repair Options is the exclusive use of CAT maintenance products and replacement parts. They are your guarantee of quality, performance and value in all your machine services.

What do we offer in Repair Option?

Maintain your equipment before failure & minimize your cost through:

  • Flat Rate Price.
  • One year labor and parts warranty.
  • Genuine CAT parts.
  • Guaranteed turnaround time.
  • Skilled engineers take care of your equipment.
  • Cylinder head compression test for invisible cracks.
  • Latest engine parts washing machines for cleaning and carbon deposits removal.
  • Latest measuring instruments for calibrating engine components.
  • Dynamometer (Engine Loading) test, to ensure getting all technical specs (engine power/RPM, oil pressure, boost pressure, and water temperature) on various loads.
  • Paint equipment/engine with CAT yellow color before delivery.

Repair Options "Before Failure" Program Component
  • Complete Engines
  • Transmission with T/C & T.G
  • Fuel Pump W/ Plungers
  • Fuel Pump W/O Plungers
  • Track Repair
  • Roller Rebuild
  • Idler Rebuild

Repair Option Benefits
  • Extend the life of customer machine cost effectively.
  • The better way of planning and doing customer business.
  • Accurate budget of the repair.
  • Fast turnaround reduces downtime.
  • Iratrac know-how extends second life.
  • Undergoes Iratrac commitment warranty.

Component Rebuild

Final Drive and Complete Axle
Hydraulic Pistol Pump and Motor
Hydraulic Cylinder

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